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Operations & Growth Manager

  • We are Hip Cub a Sydney based startup that has become one of the fastest growing baby fashion brands in Australia and North America in 2016.
  • Our mission is to be the "hippest baby brand ever born!" We are a B2C (business to consumer) brand, designing and manufacturing our own unique line of baby products, which we sell direct to our loyal and rapidly growing fan / customer base primarily through digital and social media channels.  
  • We are looking looking tor an incredible and diverse Operations & Growth Manager to be our first Aussie hire (outside of the founding team) to help us scale to the next level.
The Ideal Candidate
  • You are a people person - after all you will be in charge of managing and growing our team, as well as collaborating with external stakeholders including influencers, agencies, partners and publications.
  • You have a strong aptitude for operations, logistics and organisation.
  • You have a keen an interest in digital and social media marketing and a great eye for content - This is important given online is our primary channel of distribution
  • You are proactive in your management, require low supervision and care far more about “output" then “input." At Hip Cub we simply don’t care for “FaceTime."  
  • You have at minimum an undergrad degree (preferably though not mandatorily) in Marketing or Business / Commerce.
  • You are ridiculously organised, well time managed and have next-level attention to detail. You have an incredible work ethic, an entrepreneurial mindset and are always up for a challenge. You are the type of person who can take control and autonomously make things happen.
Nice To Haves (but not pre-requisites)
  • You have worked in an e-commerce, start-up or digital marketing role before
  • You have an interest in fashion and / or the baby niche
  • Have built a following from scratch (i.e an email marketing list, a social media community, blog etc)
The Day-To-Day
  • Heading up the operations side of the business you will be managing our supply chain teams and processes. This involves working directly with our designers and manufacturers, managing our inventory requirements as well as overseeing our 3PL warehouse logistics requirements.
  • You will also be working closely with our marketing team on our growth and distribution strategy to ensure that we are continually on track to achieve our sales targets and that we are always adhering to our brand values and content guidelines across all channels. You will also need to manage relationships with external content creators, digital agencies, influencers and JV partnerships.
  • This is not at all a typical, monotonous operations role. Your day-to- day tasks will vary drastically and will require you to wear a number of different hats. It is therefore crucial that you are the type of operations manger that can remain laser-focused and organised in this kind of environment, so that you can continually re-align and prioritise our teams most important deliverables and goals.  
  • As a 100% online business that is looking to scale we are obsessed with automation and “systematising” our processes. You will be meticulous about creating and managing our SOPs (standard operating procedures) and updating our project management systems / CRM tools. Do not worry if you have minimal experience in these, they are super simple and make your life easier!)
The Big Picture
  • As head of operations you will be instrumental in the implementation and management of our long-term growth strategy. We are looking for the type of operations manager who will independently make it their mission to find new solutions for us to scale Hip Cub sustainably, such as exploring new distribution channels, partnerships and markets. Equally you should be proactive in discovering new efficiencies and ways minimise our expenditure while maximising our profitability.
  • You are excited by the multitude of valuable skillsets and learnings they will acquire in this role. You are also the type of person who is constantly excited about learning and leveling up your skill set.
  • You see the big picture. While the money is great (to be commensurate with experience) you understand the upside of joining our rapidly growing startup as our first Aussie hire and that there is no limit or ceiling to what can ultimately be achieved in this role. In fact… it is literally your own responsibility to make this position as awesome as possible for yourself.
  • You are a team player who wants to help as grow Hip Cub into one of the greatest baby brands on the planet!
How To Apply
  • If you are interested in this job please send a CV to team@hipcub.com as well as a cover letter with the following:
  • What is something you like about our brand or products? (300 Characters or less)
  • Please identify two areas you believe you can provide value to us and how? (300 Characters or less)
  • Please find two other awesome other baby products you believe it would be great to do a partnership with. Please include a link to their website and describe what you like about them (300 Characters or less)
  • Your favourite business / or marketing book, blog or podcast that you would recommend to us and why?
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