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June 16, 2016

In honor of Father's Day we wanted to celebrate all the amazing dads out there. Because - let's be honest - any man can be a father, but it takes a special kind of man to be a dad. <3

Let me introduce you to some dads that are WINNING at parenting and are taking the internet by storm. They might even be able to teach your baby daddy a thing or two...

Jordan Watson - aka HowToDad (on YouTube or on Facebook)

Would you believe his very first video went viral, at over 2.4 million views (and counting)?! Jordan, a father of two from Auckland (New Zealand), shares hilarious parenting how to's via his YouTube channel, accompanied by his youngest daughter Alba. From 'how to feed your baby' to 'how to change a nappy' and 'how to hold your baby' - I guarantee you'll be in stitches. Or swoon over his Kiwi accent :) Also good to know: he claims "no babies were harmed in the making of [his] videos".

Jordan Watson of How to Dad and his daughter Alba in the 'how to carry your baby' viral YouTube videoimage credit: still from HowToDad video

James Breakwell - aka @XplodingUnicorn (on Twitter)

James did the impossible: he made dad-jokes cool. No wonder he's a comedy writer :) He posts the conversations he has with his young children on Twitter and boy are they relatable! From 'who ate the cookies' to future careers, Star Wars and the meaning of life, James discusses and tweets it all.

Twitter @XplodingUnicorns posted 5 November 2015image credit: Twitter @XplodingUnicorn

Sometimes an image says more than a thousand words...

Love this! If your daughter asks, you deliver. Anytime, anywhere. Just look at her smile!

Dad painting his daughter's toenails at the playgroundimage credit: Hot Moms Club

Nephi Garcia - aka Designer Daddy (on Instagramor on YouTube)

A truly magical story, from being unemployed to having a two-year waiting list creating fairy tale dresses. We totally understand! A while ago, unemployed fashion designer dad Nephi Garcia and his wife, Beth, took their three young kids on a trip to the Disney themepark in Anaheim, California. By request of his daughter, he designed a Disney themed dress to wear to the themepark and got 10 orders that same day. Needless to say it's now his fulltime business. He even designed amazing transformation dresses, that work like quick change acts. Makes me want to twirl around and practice my curtsies too. Good thing he also designs adult-sized outfits!

Girls twirling in their princess dresses by Designer Daddyimage credit: Designer Daddy

David Motola - aka Bearded Piano(on YouTube)

When one night, David's youngest son Sam had trouble sleeping due to an earache, this bearded pianoman decided to try and lull his baby to sleep by playing Brahms' Lullaby. Watching him play the piano is almost as enchanting as watching little Samuel slowly nod off. We dare you to watch this video without rubbing your eyes or yawning! (David is hoping to crowdfund his first album of lullabies - help him reach his goal via his website.)

Still from YouTube video Lullaby for my baby by Bearded Pianoimage credit: Still from Bearded Piano Video

Philippe Morgese - aka Daddy Daughter Hair Factory (on Facebook)

Ladies, bring out the tissues. This single dad felt so bad he couldn't give his little girl the trendy braids that she wanted, that he decided to teach himself how to braid. From a daily necessity (what to do with your childs hair?!) it's grown into father and daughter bonding. It's not just about braids, plaits and buns. Philippe now even teaches braiding classes to other dads and has a ' braiding guide for dads' website, promoting dads bonding with their little girls. Sharing is caring :) Good for you, Philippe!

Facebook post Daddy Daughter Hair Factory
image credit: Daddy Daughter Hair Factory

And last, but by no means least...

We can't have a tribute to dads without giving credits to all the wonderful dads out there whose photos or videos haven't gone viral on the internet. The amazing men that stand by their ladies while they try to figure out parenthood together. The guy that is sometimes the biggest child in the house. Sometimes even the most frustrating person on the face on the earth. Yet, they stand by us even when we have emotional breakdowns and together we're raising some pretty awesome kids. To all of you father figures, whether biological fathers or not: thanks for being there on this amazing journey with us. You're awesome!
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