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November 03, 2016

We know how exciting a new baby on the way can be, but we also know that once the baby comes you might be asking yourself “Why did I care so much about baby clothes when all she wears is diapers and onesies?” We want to give new moms the best advice from women who have 'been there, done that' so we asked a few young mothers to let us know what they wish they knew before baby…

1. “You won't even use the baby’s room for months so make sure to get a Rock N Play sleeper or a bassinet to put next to your bed.” – Katie, 33

2. “A lot of things will change the minute the baby comes including your marriage or relationship. It's not bad, just different so be prepared.” – Kristen, 30

3. “Stay in the hospital as long as they let you. Every mom is in a rush to get out but at the hospital there is always someone taking care of you round the clock. When you get home there won’t always be that kind of help, especially if you have multiple children.” – Amanda, 27

4. “Nursing is fun, but if you are having trouble producing milk or finding yourself exhausted be encouraged to stick with it. It's probably the most amazing, most special thing I have ever done in my life.” – Kristen, 30

5. “Don't put unnecessary pressures on yourself. When I had my second child, I wanted to only breastfeed her. No bottles for at least a month. But I became so tired since nobody one else could feed her, including our nanny, so finally I realized that she would still be fine if she gets a bottle every now and then. Because of that, my own health improved.”– Katie, 33

6. “DVR some movies and TV shows for when you nurse at night. It helps get you out of bed. I watched the entire series of How I Met Your Mother in those first months and it was great!” – Lauren, 29 

7. “Invest in a good quality diaper bag. Forget the name brand designer ones that cost over $300. Trust me, by the time you’re actually using it, all you’ll care about is having a bag that’s easy to clean and has enough space for everything. Hipcub makes the best bags by far! Plus they’re super cute and actually affordable.” – Amanda, 27

8. “Don’t be pressured to tell people the name or gender of your baby if you want to keep it a surprise. People are nosy and pushy and have lots of opinions, especially when you’re expecting. Just stand your ground and let them find out when you officially announce the birth” – Lauren, 29

9. “Exercise and eat healthy. Pregnancy isn’t an excuse. I did Zumba until the day before I delivered and I never felt better!” – Katie, 33

10. “Don't buy too many clothes for the newborn. They'll grow out of them in a blink of an eye. Onesies are all you’ll need and they're seriously the best.” – Kristen, 30

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