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June 24, 2016

Hip Cub Weekender Tote navy & white - bag on park bench

Every parent has their own preferences when it comes to packing. But there's must haves you'll find in any diaper bag. However, the big question remains: how to pack everything you need in a day, without lugging a bulky bag around? We've got some essential tips for your daily essentials :) Perfect for magnificent moms and doting dads.

It all starts with a good bag. At Hip Cub, we've made sure our high quality striped diaper bags are sturdy and strong. They're spacious, yet not bulky. We've also used lightweight materials (such as durable cotton canvas and strong polyester lining), so that it's large, but relatively lightweight. Now, on to 'what to pack'.

Travel size packages of things you don’t use much of (hand sanitizer, for instance), but regular size packages of items you frequently use. You don’t want to be caught short on that one extra diaper change ‘that normally never happens’... (Check out companies like AllTravelSizes - they carry tons of different products at small sizes and have a dedicated baby section!)

Bring wipes. Lot’s of them. You will use them for everything. You may even want to bring several types: sanitizing wipes for cleaning surfaces, and gentle moisturising wipes for you and your baby's sensitive skin. Hip Cub Medium Tote with sippy cup in side pocket

Food and drinks.
Whether you’re bringing baby bottles or your toddler’s snacks, make sure you always got food and drinks with you. Not just to keep them fed and hydrated, they're also great to divert their attention.

Don't forget the diapers! It’s a diaper bag after all :) Just remember to always pack one more than you’ll think you need. It’s been tried and tested. At some point you’ll need that extra one! Trust us.

A clean set of clothes. Perhaps consider two pants. Because, you know, poop explosions aren’t fun. You’ll laugh at how far it’s gone down the trousers (or up the back of the shirt!) but you’ll cry when you realise you don’t have a spare outfit. Poor, smelly kid with an itchy skin… No thanks!

A lightweight blanket to give your child a safe, clean area to play on. Or to get in a comfortable feeding position. To support your lower back. To your child warm when it suddently gets chilly. As you can see, it's super useful for many occasions.

Hip Cub Medium Tote filled with baby essentialsStuff for YOU!That’s right. You’ll need to take great care of yourself to be able to provide for your child. Bring your snacks and drinks too! And - we say this from experience - don’t forget your wallet and your keys. New mom forgetfulness... The struggle is real!

Something to play with. A soft bite ring for the little ones or pencils and paper for toddlers. Whenever you’re trying to get something done (talking to a friend or paying for your shopping) you’ll want to keep your kids occupied.

Fashion meets function. You’re a busy parent - being practical and efficient are super important. But there’s no reason to have to ignore your own personal sense of style. With the multfunctional  Hip Cub Weekender Tote Collection you look on-trend and fashionable, while you’re not compromising on usability. Hello long shoulder straps AND messenger strap!

Mom and toddler playing in the park while mom carries a Hip Cub Weekender Tote diaper bagThe Weekender Tote Collection, a fashionably striped, high quality diaper bag for modern moms and dads, is a huge hit and is flying off the shelf. No wonder at such an amazing price! With a total of 9 compartments (of which the main, back, and side pockets have secure closures) you’ll keep all your baby gear in place and be super organized. This diaper bag comes with a matching changing pad and stroller straps and is available in three color combinations, so they’re value for money and sure to match your outfit. 

It's the perfect gift for any new mom!

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