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May 08, 2016

Being a new mom is a joyous time, but can also be quite stressful. With Mother’s Day on our doorstep, we wanted to share some of our pics that will surely put a smile on mama’s first Mother’s Day.

Apart from creating art from your baby’s hand- or foot prints, there isn’t much crafting you can do with a small baby. Don’t worry about that. You’ll have years and years of drawings and artwork ahead of you. Also, no matter how many children you may end up having, that first Mother’s Day will always be special. Even if it’s from sheer exhaustion :)

Which inspired this list. Motherhood is hard, so we think new moms deserve a super relaxed day. At least once a year!

BREAKFAST IN BED. It's a Mother's Day classic and it always goes well. Just don’t think of it as the easy option. Especially in that precious first year, most moms don’t ever get to sleep in. Just by giving them an extra hour in the morning, picking up necessary tasks like feeding and changing the baby, you’re really helping her recharge her battery. The next step is to get mom some breakfast. Try one of these foolproof recipes!  You can go all out in the kitchen, or keep it super simple and get her favourite doughnuts or pastries with a massive latte. Whatever you do, it’s really the thought that counts.

breakfast in bed for Mother's Day
PERSONALIZED MUG with BABY'S PHOTO. A lot of mama’s will say they can’t function without their daily dose of caffeine. Whether they’re working moms or stay at home, having a personalized mug will bring a smile to their face with every sip they take. They’re really easy to make - a lot of online stores offer this service. All you need is a computer, internet and last but not least: a cute photo of your baby. Now I’m sure you have TONS of those..!

Personalised Mug with Baby Photo
via The Gift Experience

STRESS ESCAPE. This is a more of a splurge, but she deserves it, right?! If you know the effect of an extra hour of sleep before breakfast in bed, imagine what a couple hours can do! Treat mom to a spa day or book her an appointment for a mani-pedi at her favourite nail salon. We’re so used to mothers caring for the needs of others, that we sometimes forget how much they needed to be looked after too. Give her a couple hours of me-time and she’ll feel rejuvenated.

relaxing massage
PERSONALIZED NECKLACE OR BRACELET. Now listen. You don’t have to be a mother to appreciate jewellery. But since she’s now a mom forever, her very first Mother’s Day is truly unique. Imagine giving her a necklace or bracelet boasting the name of your new bundle of joy… You may also want to bring out the tissues!

JLynnCreations personalised gold jewelry Grayson Pink Gemstone via JLynnCreations via Etsy.com

MOMMY'S WINE GLASS. Nine long months without her favorite glass of Merlot is a long stretch for some. Make her first sip a little sweeter by giving her a special 'mommy' glass.

personalised pained wine glas mommy's sippy cup

via Waterfalls Design

FRAMED BABY HAND PRINT. If you DO want to go with a handcrafted gift, these are one of the easiest yet powerful options out there. Baby's hand print canvases make a beautiful keepsake. You can DIY one from scratch or buy a kit from the store. Don’t forget to date it and sign with baby’s name.

Baby hand print framed Mommy's Sunshine via Babysakes keepsakes

STYLISH MOMMY BAG. It does not only serve as your usual baby bag but it can become an everyday tote when baby is older. Our Hip Cub Weekender Tote is perfect to brighten mama's look with it's summer style. This classic nappy bag has no less than 9 roomy compartments, of which the main, back and side pockets are secured. The zipped pocket on the inside is ideal for smaller items, such as your keys. Great for a day out and about with the family! (You may also want to check out our other blog post about packing your essentials without breaking your back OR the bank!)

Hip Cub Weekender Tote leaning against a tree

For the next few years, mom’s morning will revolve around getting the family ready for the day. Having a robe that will keep her comfortable on colder mornings makes a great gift. And who knows, she might wear it until she finally finds the time to dress herself in the middle of the day :) 

Mother and daughter in bathrobes at bath time
photy by Aqua Mechanical

GIVE HER YOUR TIME. Nothing can substitute for the gift of time. You can offer to do laundry, do dishes, or babysit while your super exhausted new mama catches up on sleep or while she goes for a walk or a drive. And if you feel really fancy: she’ll love you even more if you finish that last little bit of DIY around the house she’ll always nags you about. Top tip for extra bonus points: don't limit this gift to Mother's Day but plan it in regular and you'll be in her good book for a long time. Happy wife, happy life - right?!

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